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At Clarity Consult, our mission is to bring clarity to the evidence base that supports robust transport infrastructure investment decision making. Operating at the interface of demand forecasting and operational modelling, we aim to better harmonise evaluation of the demand and supply components of transport networks, enabling a more holistic approach to transport project evaluation.

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Senior Consultant



Senior Consultant

Where We Add Value

We provide transport modelling and analytics services through several stages of the infrastructure lifecycle


Model Development


Strategy and Planning


Business Cases


Detailed Design


Construction Management


Operation Optimisation



Developing and/or applying transport modelling frameworks to help you assess your transport infrastructure needs

Demand forecasting

Undertaking strategic demand modelling to support business cases and project evaluations

Mesoscopic/ hybrid modelling

Developing hybrid modelling tools to accomodate demand modelling and operational modelling components

Microsimulation modelling

Creating detailed adaptive operational microsimulation modelling tools to assess performance and impacts of new transport projects and initiatives

Transport data analytics

Assessing transport data and creating insights to inform model development and decision making


Providing technical expertise to your transport infrastructure project assessments


Model scoping​

Working with clients to scope appropriate modelling solutions in line with project assessment requirements

Model technical review​

Conducting hands-on reviews of transport models in an array of platforms and applications

Project peer review ​

Reviewing modelling projects and providing advice against guideline and best practice model development processes

Modelling lead secondments

Seconding in to project teams to lead development of transport models for projects of all scale and applications

Recent projects

Albury Wodonga Transport Model Development

Albury Wodonga Transport Model Development

Our team scoped and delivered this tailored innovative Australia first Simulation Based Assignment demand model from the ground up, encompassing a standalone demand model and highly detailed transport network.

GreenWave Freight Priority Modelling

GreenWave Freight Priority Modelling

Our team developed a complex adaptive microsimulation model for a key freight corridor in Melbourne. This was then used for the purpose of modelling this freight priority initiative and optimising the algorithm through layers of solutions to provide a better balanced outcome to all road users under a Movement & Place framework

Hume Freeway/ McKoy Interchange Business Case

Hume Freeway/ McKoy Interchange Business Case

The team was engaged to undertake this business case assessment, utilising the Albury Wodonga Transport model. This model allowed outcomes to be assessed for both economics and design.

Canterbury Road Upgrade

Canterbury Road Upgrade

The team have been working with Department of Transport on optimising the design for the Canterbury Road corridor in eastern Melbourne.

Some of Our Clients

Our client list spans multiple levels of government from major authorities, to state and local government

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